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True Missing Person’s Cases

Hey Guys,

I’m here for two reasons; first I have a new… let’s call it a mini-series – to announce, and second, I have a true life story to tell you like in the good old days. If you aren’t a fan of the dark and mysterious – scroll past the link to begin a good, old-fashioned blog post!

It’s just a short tale with a bit of a lesson. I think it may benefit some to understand what caller ID spoofing is and how dangerous it can be to throw accusations at strangers through random phone numbers. But first – the series.

Swamp Dweller, and I will be researching true missing person’s cases, and the first video is already uploaded! We’re not trying to say we solved anything, we’ve simply collected the facts and prevailing theories in order to pass them along to you in podcast form!

The unsolved cases of Robert Springfield, Tom Messick, and Kurt Newton

And more are on the way!

So, the blog post. This actually happened to me last year, but I recently discussed it with a friend and thought it would be nice to share.

First, I want to begin by explaining caller ID spoofing. You see, many years ago, telemarketers would call with 1-800 numbers or some off the wall area codes most people didn’t recognize.

It didn’t take long at all for people to catch on, and they stopped answering completely. Then, came the age of ID-spoofing. This means they can make any number show up on your phone. It’s usually one with your own area-code so you think it’s a legitimate call.

Obviously, this presents its own problems. If you receive one of these calls but don’t answer – you’ll see the number they spoofed on your missed calls. Then, when you return the call, you’re going to reach the actual person it belongs to. This inevitably leads to:

“Hey, I had a missed call from this number…”

“Umm… no you didn’t.”

“Uh, yes I did!”

Both people are telling the truth so you have two strangers getting aggravated as hell because they think the other person is messing with them.

For this reason alone – I stopped answering all unknown numbers and it worked wonderfully… until Martha.

One evening, I got a call from a number only a few digits off from my own and ignored it. It called back-to-back 3x in a row. On the last call, I blocked the number.

Then I received a text from another number that explained why these calls were coming. A woman we’ll call Martha used her husband’s phone to say she knew I was Amber (I’m totally not Amber) and she was – very bluntly – calling me out for trying to scam her. She wanted to let me know it didn’t work, she knew it was me, and she would make sure everyone had my new number.

Guys, if you’ve read my blogs at all, you know I don’t handle strangers well, but I actually started off in a good mood so I tried to be nice. I understood by the grammatically accurate text that I was dealing with an elderly lady who didn’t understand spoofing. I explained it to her in nice, easy to understand language much like I did here… then she called bullshit.

I didn’t particularly care; I blocked the number and went on about my business. Twenty minutes later, I receive an email through text that included a ridiculously long explanation detailing how she was able to email me even though I had the number blocked. At that point, I became annoyed.

Her email had her first and last name in it; I knew she was from my hometown because of her area code. It took less than sixty seconds to find her Facebook and know exactly who she was.

Now, maybe if I were a little more mature I would have contacted her that way to prove I wasn’t Amber… but then other numbers started texting “Amber” — like if I were this person, I would be stupid enough to fall for answering another number right away… The whole thing really got under my skin.

I replied to her email stating she should have at least googled caller ID spoofing (as originally advised) before continuing to harass a complete stranger. I then explained how incredibly dangerous it was to give said random stranger all of your personal information and recommended she set her Facebook to private. Then, I blocked her email along with the new numbers (which were still appearing).

Obviously, I would never actually do anything to harm someone – it was legitimate advice. Anyway, she started using her husband’s email, and… I don’t know who Amber is or why Martha thought she would do her hair… But I’m willing to bet Amber had some legitimate reasons… I fully lost my temper on this woman.

After an extremely rude reply I’m a little ashamed of now – I then proceeded to Google every gag-gift shop site I could find (there’s some magical stuff out there) and made special inquiries on Martha’s behalf. Each were roughly as follows:

Hi there,

I’m searching for a women’s plus size full-body cat suit, but I need it to be an exact match to my Princess Cutie-Booty. Would you be able to help me?

Which – as I said earlier – if I were more mature, maybe I could have kept blocking her and let it go… Alas, I’m not.

I’m not sure if she finally googled spoofing or if she ran out of ways to communicate, but I never heard from Martha again.

On a very real note – you never know who will do what with your information. Never trust an unknown number, please never give strangers personal information, and above all – please never click on random links. It doesn’t matter what they look like or how normal they seem – just don’t. Especially when “Amazon” or “UPS” texts you.

That’s it guys. Thanks for hanging out! I have another classic publishing soon and I’ll be starting special Halloween commissions next week, but they won’t publish until next month, so my schedule will be sporadic to say the least. The usual scripts will still be coming though!

True Stories

The Disturbing Downfall of EDP445

Thumbnail by TDN

Hey again! It seems like everything is coming out back to back all of a sudden, but that’s definitely not a complaint!

This week’s Dark Side of YouTube is the longest yet. We’re discussing an OG YouTuber who lost his channel over some very serious allegations. Whether you’re familiar with EDP445 or not, this episode will teach you everything there is to know!

EDP445 and the entire story behind his many allegations. Trigger warning for child abuse.

As for what’s coming up – I hope to publish a classic this weekend, and I’m not sure when the third Backroads will be finished, but it’s coming along nicely.

Since we are entering Halloween season I will be switching my focus to exclusive work only meaning I’ll have no way to anticipate my publishing schedule. If a bit of time passes with nothing new, don’t worry that only means there’s more piling up for later.

I have a few special projects already on schedule and I can’t wait to share them, but in the meantime don’t forget my linktree can take you to Twitter or YouTube for regular updates. Now that I’m over 500 subscribers I’ll be able to make community posts once my week wait is over (which should be Thursday night)!

When I started writing last August, I was only blogging about my life as a form of therapy, but now – thanks to all of you – this is my career. I appreciate you guys more than I can express; when I am able to free myself of the financial hole Young, Ignorant, Past Me has dug – I truly do intend to return to regular blogging as a hobby.

Until then, I think – at the very least – it’ll be interesting to see what comes along. Look how quickly we added true crime to mix – who knows what’s next! … Not romance…. It’ll never be romance.

True Stories

OldSchool RuneScape’s Disturbing Black Market

Thumbnail by TDN – he does narrations and music too – he’s your one stop shop for the best. Highly highly recommended!
This week we return to the world of OldSchool RuneScape to learn about their black market sites!

Hey guys!

Today, we have a new episode of The Dark Side of Gaming, and tomorrow I’ll have a new Dark Side of YouTube for you! I also have an exclusive to publish after the narration premieres in a few hours.

We’ve had a more-hectic-than-usual week, so that’s all for now, but hopefully I’ll have new classic out this weekend. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll have the new story up soon! Never forget – I appreciate the hell out of you!

True Stories

Samantha Wohlford – Aspiring YouTuber yo Sadistic Killer

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Hey guys!

This time, I have two announcements. There’s a new episode for the Dark Side of YouTube, and a new show called The Halloween Episodes.

See how Samantha went from a wannabe YouTuber to a feature on! It’s quite the murder story!

Prefer Podcast or Spotify? No problem, and while Samantha is only my second episode to script, there are two other episodes that have come out since the Randy Stair pilot. If you’re drawn to the darker things in life, I know you’ll enjoy them, too!

The Halloween Episodes will be hosted and produced by my very talented friend (and Dark Side of Gaming co-host), Darek Webber! A link to the pilot episode is below, and if you’re a fan of 90’s sitcoms you’ll love these bite-sized looks into the best Halloween Episodes the times had to offer.

A discussion of Boy Meets World’s Season 5, Episode 17

As we move into fall, I will need to focus on upcoming Halloween projects so my publishing schedule will likely become a bit more out of sorts than usual. I have one more classic that’s almost finished, but it will be the last for several weeks unless there’s a Classic in the Rain special.

I do intend to start the third Backroads soon since the second narration is almost finished, but any others will likely be for Halloween exclusives.

Thanks again for stopping by; I really do appreciate the hell out of you guys! And please remember to stay safe out there; people can be straight up crazy!

True Stories

The Dark Side of Rockstar Games

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Did you know even Rockstar Games has a Dark Side? Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!

If you prefer Podcast or Spotify, you can follow these links, and don’t forget to check out the other episodes while you’re there – they all came our wonderfully!

Hey guys,

This week’s Dark Side of Gaming episode is an inside look to the shadier dealings of Rockstar games, and – as always – I hope you enjoy! The Dark Side of YouTube will be out with a new episode in just a few days as well so be sure to keep an eye open!

The Backroads sequel will also be finished in the next day or so, but while we’re here – I would like to share something strange that happened last week. It’s been far too long since I shared life stuff with you guys, and while this one isn’t filled with drama – it’s seriously weird as hell. If you’re a cat person – please, read this and tell me if you’ve ever experienced a similar situation.

For those who may not be aware, we currently have 19 cats due to living in an area where people abandon them— which is a whole thing unto itself but not today’s focus.

Despite having cats my entire life – only recently did I learn about “interrupted labor.” Apparently cats are able to hit a pause button when giving birth if they need to relocate to a safer space or something to that effect.

I learned this because four months ago, Tsu gave birth to three kittens. Then, after a full day passed, she had one more. Needless to say, it was a surprise to find four in the nest that morning, but whatever. It happened.

Tsu never really lost pregnancy weight. We thought it was strange, but she was happy, seemed healthy, and we planned to ask the vet about it when we took her to get spayed. Of course, that kept getting put on the back burner due to a kitten with pneumonia and Romulus’ emergency surgery.

Now, that litter of kittens was four months old on July 23, 2022. Today, they are happy, healthy, hyperactive little girls, and this should be the end of the story… But it’s not. Because it never is.

I woke on the morning of August 3rd to find a (roughly) week old kitten in the middle of our living room floor. Tsu has NOT been outside since giving birth and EVERY male is neutered. There was a second kitten under the couch. Their eyes are open which makes me think they’re at least 1-2 weeks old.

They appear to be completely healthy, but all of this means they were in the womb for 6 months!! How is that possible?! It’s like the universe literally said, “holy crap no one has abandoned a cat here in months! We better do something drastic!” Has anyone else heard of a 4 month interrupted labor?!

Here they are! Missy (black) has a forever home as soon as she’s old enough to leave mommy, and Ezio has already dug his claws deep into my soul.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weeks!!

True Stories

Randy Stair – from YouTube Comedian to Mass Murderer

Hey Everyone,

I have something special for you today! Remember the big announcement I was dying to make? Well, this is it! The Dark Side of Gaming now has a sister! Below you’ll find a link to the first episode of – The Dark Side of YouTube!

Swamp Dweller has put together top tier team for this one, and I still can’t believe I’m part of it. Yes, you hear Swamp’s name and automatically know it’s legit, but then I tell you Autumn Ivy is the host and the fireworks begin! Joey Sourlis is doing sound, and while I wrote this script – any episodes I don’t write will be done by SinisterDarkSoul – in other words, you’ll never be disappointed!

If you enjoy the true, dark and disturbing – this show was made for you!

Randy is a hard guy to sum up, but this is definitely not your typical mass murder story. That, I promise you.

And it’s available for those who may prefer podcast, Spotify, Amazon, Podchaser

I don’t have too much on the update front. There’s a couple of other projects I haven’t announced that should be coming out soon, but I will likely not be able to publish a classic this weekend. Romulus had a surgery and will need our full attention in the coming days. I haven’t reached a point where I can discuss it yet, so I appreciate your understanding in my vagueness. Thankfully, his vet assures he’ll make a full recovery and that’s really all that matters anyway.

I don’t want to keep you from the video any longer, so I’ll conclude this with a big, fat thank you for being here and let you be on your merry way!

True Stories

Creepy Gaming Easter Eggs You Didn’t Know About

Thumbnail by TDN

Hey guys, it’s time for the next Dark Side of Gaming episode and a few updates!

Join this week’s host, TDN, as he rediscovers some of the creepiest Easter eggs gaming has to offer!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re all enjoying the new true story videos, (more horrific murders coming soon) but if you prefer the Classics – no worries – one will be here by next weekend. The story I’ve been working on is one of the longest yet; it started off with over 11,000 words, and it’s finally almost finished! Once published, I’ll be able to get Classics out on a semi-regular schedule again.

I have commissions lined up for the next several weeks, but as soon as the shows I’m scripting go on break – I’ll be back to the usual routine. Along with The Dark Side of Gaming, I’m writing for two other shows which will be announced in the coming weeks. I’m very excited about both and can’t wait to share the news with you!

As far as my personal series – the next installment of Infinity Game and the Backroads sequel are my priorities, and hopefully, the extended edition of The Settlement Series (Book 1) will be ready for publishing in 2023! The first eight chapters will always remain available for free – the book version will simply include additional details throughout the adventure. Likewise – the chapters for Book 2 will be handled in the same way.

I’m enjoying these opportunities to just talk like the good ole days, so, since most of you have your own blogs and projects, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the AI art apps I use – Nightcafe and Starryai. Maybe they can help some of you the way they’ve helped me.

For those who – like myself – may lack any and all ability to express yourselves through drawing – these programs are amazing! And most importantly – free. They have “pro” options available, but I’m poor and get by without paying a dime. If you use them – simply make sure to select “coherent” style on Nightcafe and “Orion” on Starryai – trust me; it’s a massive difference.

If anyone wants to see the bulk results – I started a Deviantart to store the keepers, but I’ll add an example of something from each. It doesn’t do so well with people, so I’ve struggled to make an avatar, but landscapes and monsters seem to do great. Honestly, even if you don’t need art for anything – it’s fun to use.

This is one of my favorites from Nightcafe and what I’ve been using as my profile picture everywhere, lol.
And this is a favorite from Starryai, but both can be hit or miss so don’t be discouraged if you get a few bad ones in a row.

I suppose that’s all the updates for now; thanks again, and stay safe out there! People are freaking nuts! Speaking of which – Black Phone was a fantastic movie – highly recommended!

True Stories

The Murderous Rampage of McSkillet

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! If you’re looking for something true and tragic to close out your night – I have just the thing!

On this week’s Dark Side of Gaming, we dive into the heartbreaking case of former YouTuber, Trevor Heitmann; if any of you are Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans, you may remember him as OG McSkillet, but he stopped uploading to his channel in 2018…

Script read by Darek Webber and sound work by Joey Sourlis

Do you prefer Podcast or Spotify? No problem, just follow the links!

…While we’re both here again, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. I’m sorry I don’t make time to say it more often, but I genuinely appreciate each one of you!

I’m also sorry my publishing schedule has grown increasingly erratic over the last few weeks. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive steady commission work, and – along with this Gaming series – I will also be writing for a new series that I cannot wait to share with you! Rest assured I will have the promo posted everywhere the moment of its official announcement!

While these projects will be priority, I still want to get classics and CreepyPastas out when possible. I’m working to finish a longer classic now, and hopefully that will publish by next weekend.

If you would like regular updates my linktree can take you to all of my socials. I suppose that’s it for now; remember – be safe out there. Some people are just cray.

Update: I’m aware reading longer stories on this blog can become a hassle when taking the ads and navigation into consideration. Paying WordPress to get rid of them wasn’t exactly a fair trade-off when most of their features don’t work properly, but I’m not here to complain about that. In trying to ease the inconvenience of navigating my menu – I’ve found some people prefer simply reading PDF’s. I’m happy to email a copy of any story free of charge.

True Stories

OldSchool RuneScape’s Rogue Mod

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Hey guys, I’m branching out a little, and I’ve tried my hand at researching/scripting true stories. If you weren’t aware, Swamp Dweller has a second channel, SWAMPED, and the Dark Side of Gaming series is just one of the amazing projects you’ll find there.

If you prefer Spotify or Podcast – no problem, just follow the links!

This episode kicks off season 2 with the tale of a rogue moderator who made a fortune by stealing virtual gold from unsuspecting OldSchool RuneScape gamers!

While we’re both here, I wanted to say thank you for being awesome and remind you that when you’re down – there is always someone more miserable out there. Somewhere in the world, there‘s probably a person on fire right now. Chin up, you can handle anything – especially a fun, safe Fourth of July! Cheers!