Cult Update

I bet you thought I forgot about the cult, but I haven’t! I’ve been putting a lot of thought into it now that we have a few members. I think I’ve come up with something we can all be happy with, but if you disagree, please let me know. I think our final name should be LGFN, let me explain why.

We are all weirdos. This cult is about uniting the outcasts under one metaphorical roof. Seriously, I love you all but I could never live in a group on a farm or some craziness. Think of Weirdos as Hogwarts. We belong to four different houses, but we are all wizards, Harry.

Legal Disclaimer: I clearly don’t own any rights to Harry Potter, but if you thought I did – thanks.

We each possess unique traits but share core ethics and commonality. Whether you’re a Loser with the loyalty of a Hufflepuff, a Geeky gamer with the courage of a Gryffindor, a Freak with the wiles of a Slytherin, a Nerd with the intelligence of a Ravenclaw, or a mixture of each, we are all magic!

Personally I’m 3 parts Geek 2 parts Nerd, but that’s what makes this cult special. We don’t conform to one ideal. We strive to share and celebrate our differences. We admire strange and unusual. We can disagree without fighting because it’s fascinating to learn how other people live and think. Share your weirdness with the world, who cares what the muggles think!

We are still accepting new members. Also, to be clear – I will never live on a farm, but if any of you possess the financial means and have the urge – I support you. Unless you start doing suicide pacts and kool-aid parties. If you start messing around with that kind of crazy, I’m out.

Thank you all for joining this first official meeting of (member name approval pending) LGFN. Be safe out there. Sometimes they really are out to get you.

23 thoughts on “Cult Update”

  1. I thought about designing a crest for this cult of yours cause I thought it would be fun, with different animals and colors, but since I lack the creativity and knowledge to do that, I figured the honor should be yours. lol

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    1. Lol! The sad part is I REALLY wanted to do that, I thought the same thing was needed and I really do have a “starving artist” friend with the talent to do it but getting her to focus long enough to ACTUALLY do it would be like…. Idk. I imagine trying to get 4 three year olds to play monopoly correctly start to finish. One day. One day.

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      1. I’m good at tracing, but that’s about it otherwise I’d offer to help. lol It’s useless to know how to use fancy Adobe stuff and not be an artist. lol

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      2. Lol I trace stuff too 😂 I figure it’ll be a fun side project for the coming weeks. I kinda want to claim a bearcat for the Geek house because they’re adorable, under appreciated, and smell like buttered popcorn. I feel like it’s meant to be.

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      3. Do they? Didn’t know that. Vultures are underappreciated to me. They are like the morticians and the trash collectors of the animal world. Without them, we would just have rotting animal carcasses everywhere.

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  2. Well, I totally know that I’m a twisted nerd. I love to take things (And sometimes people,) apart, and put them together.

    Also, arguing about programming languages with fellow nerds, while fully knowing that those arguments don’t mean anything.

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      1. Great. You won’t object if I teach them certain things which could end up blowing them up by accident if they’re not careful? I wouldn’t mind if we only allowed those who asked for it, rather than everyone. I rather not face the accusations, I might end up burying them in a nicely built cement roads, I’m sure locals would thank me here. We’re overdue for a bigger highway.

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      2. Wow that progressed quickly. 😂 Hmm. I’m gonna say NO to the overall aspect of blowing our people up. I’m very pleased with our progress but we don’t have enough people to afford losing any.

        That being said – I understand there are vast cultural differences in our locations. If someone wishes to learn this… skill? – I guess it could be discussed on a case by case basis, I hate to judge hastily before having all the facts.

        For now, let’s just make a ground rule – “No teaching anyone under 21 anything that could blow them up – over 21 has to be fully informed of the risks and sign a waiver. I know you nerds love your science projects and I’d hate to cockblock your creativity. Just remember safety first, curiosity second when in situations potential grieving loved ones may hunt us down.

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      3. Makes sense. I mainly refer to the old school programming, going deep in the computer, treading beyond the safety of the modern programming, which can result in let’s just say a lot of blown legs dew to people shooting themselves in the foot or stepping on the landmines.

        But, most of the great things happen here as well, on the back of which others may create their own empires.

        But your advice is sensible, so I shall follow your lead. That, and I kind of respect you, so I won’t even try to subvert your orders, which I would have done to someone else totally without a guilt.

        (I’m morally bankrupt. I don’t know which chapter though.)

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      4. Lol, good man. The land mines are kinda scary AF – but I super appreciate you. I think this cult is going places and having someone who knows what all those crazy computer words actually mean is a huge asset.

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